Loud & Clear 

5 Steps To Say What You Mean & Get What You Want

Karen Berg

Loud & Clear is essential for everyone who needs to know how to get what he or she wants from anyone. Whether you need to get a message through to an employer, team, committee, your staff, your neighbor, teacher, student, or spouse, this book will show you how to get their attention by:

  • Using your head. Before you even think about opening your mouth, you need to think long and hard about the person you want to influence and how to say what you want.
  • Connecting with your listener(s). Berg will show you how to establish chemistry and intimacy with your listeners--from an individual to a stadium-sized audience--to make them want to listen to you.
  • Keeping their interest. Why "soft" communication, such as story-telling and picture-painting, are important devices and how to use them effectively. Plus, how to avoid the dreaded "drone factor."
  • Saying it right. Speech and body language techniques make a lasting impression.
  • Anticipating and overcoming the negatives. How to recognize disaster before it strikes, and handle it when it does.

Each chapter also features a topic-specific "plan of attack," plus plenty of client stories, checklists, worksheets, and quizzes. For an employee trying to get a raise, a committee leader who needs to motivate a team, a traveler trying to book a better flight, or a student trying to clinch a better grade, Berg's proven methods will help you say what you mean to get what you want.


"Whether you're training a junior account executive in presentation skills or media training a CEO in the middle of a PR crisis, Karen Berg delivers, helping find a winning bottom line message no matter the need."
--John Frazier, chief strategy officer, Quinn & Co.


"No matter how sensitive, complex or abstract the idea, Karen will help you get to the point!"
—Vita Cassese, VP, Worldwide Business Innovation, Pfizer


“Clarity, experience, and insight for coping with modern workplace communication issues.”
—Art Stevens, managing partner, Stevens Group


"Loud & Clear is as useful in the living room as it is in the boardroom, teaching you ways to communicate and connect with anyone and everyone in your life."
— Dan Ragone, vice president/publisher, ELLE DECOR


"Loud & Clear will help you turn your technical skills into powerful, effective self-marketing."
— Eric Waldman, vice president, UBS Financial Services


"Having been trained by Karen Berg, I can tell you her approach works! Practical, proven strategies for achieving results from an expert strategist. Highly recommended!
— John Foreyt, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine


"This book is a must-read for today's busy, 24/7 professional who needs to communicate both thoughtfully and instantaneously."
— Mark Herman, vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton