Get To The Point

How to Say What You Mean and Get What You Want

Karen Berg & Andrew Gilman

Whether you’re selling your organization, your products, your services, or your point of view, GET TO THE POINT can help you do just that--with purpose, confidence, and ease.

This invaluable handbook will show you how:

  • Why knowing your audience is the key to a successful presentation
  • Why simple, positive words sell
  • How mental imaging can help you reduce your anxiety
  • Why what you wear and how you move can outweigh the content of your speech
  • How a little tension can add energy to your presentation
  • Why repeating yourself is smart business
  • and much, much more

“GET TO THE POINT provides a complete menu of communication skills and tips. It’s an easily digested invaluable guide to all manner of effective communication.”


"This is a very effective, hands-on working outline for anyone in business and industry. It focuses your thought process on what's important and helps you prioritize your individual ability to leverage your productivity."
-- Bruce MacDonald, former Vice President, General Motors


"Get To The Point will increase your ability to communicate 50% or more --- immediately. It's a must read if you do anything publicly."
-- Robert L. Dilenschneider, CEO, The Dilenschneider Group


"Get To The Point provides a complete menu of communication skills and tips. It's an easily digested, invaluable guide to all manner of effective communication."
-- Donald Conover, President and CEO, Greystone Realty Corp.


"This is one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow books on presentation skills that I've ever read. Whether you are just starting to deliver presentations or you're a seasoned pro, Get To The Point is a must buy!"
-- Arnold Sanow, Professional Speaker and Co-Author of Marketing Boot Camp